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How Ads For Women Work

Toys I Buy vs Toys They Use
June 19, 2018
Calling Bullshit On…Tiring The Kids Out
June 20, 2018
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Seems like those Mad Men have got it all figured out when advertising to women, right?

Except for well, oh, everything.

And they can’t even say ‘period.’

Click on the picture below to hear Emma Doran’s words of wisdom.


Emma Doran
Emma Doran
Emma is a comedian living in Dublin with her partner Shane and their 3 children aged 13, 3 and 1. She a regular on the Irish comedy scene and has performed at some of the countries biggest venues like Vicar Street and The Olympia Theatre. She has supported Al Porter and Deirdre O' Kane. A regular on Republic of Telly, she has also appeared on Bridget and Eamon