Aldi Are Bringing Out A THREE LITRE Bottle Of Prosecco

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September 13, 2017
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September 14, 2017

The German budget supermarket is grabbing the headlines with plans to bring out a THREE LITRE bottle of Prosecco.

The rumour is it’ll hit our shelves just in time for Christmas.

Just to be clear three litres are the equivalent of 24 glasses, and is approximately four times the size of the standard bottle of wine.


Reports from the UK say it will be November 14 but it is not clear if it will be the same in Ireland.

The DOCG Prosecco is expected to fly off the shelves  considering the supermarket has done well with their sparkling wine and Champagne.

It will cost around €45

One Twitter user joked: ‘Guess where I’ll be on November 14… yep you guessed it, queueing outside Aldi.’