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Astro Freckles Is The Latest Crazy Beauty Trend

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November 13, 2017
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While those of us who grew up with freckles spent much time covering them up, now painted on freckles have become a thing.

And the latest in this trend is fake freckles in the pattern of your astrological sign.

Sounds a bit out there to us.

On an Instagram post, tattooist Jessica Knapik urges beauty fans to ‘hide the constellation for your astrological sign in your freckles.’

She adds that she could even do the sign ‘for your mom, dad, dog?’

The designs are applied to blend in for a natural look, Knapik claims.



The Michigan-based cosmetic tattoo artist says she created the service to combine cosmetic tattooing and astrology.

However, the artist warned that some tattooists might not get the concept right and give you ‘doll freckles.’

Because that would be weird…