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Niamh O'Reilly

October 12, 2018

Living With…A Baby That Fights Sleep

My baby boy doesn’t just fight sleep, he fights it with boxing gloves on. Seriously, at one point when he was really small, he’d ball up […]
September 28, 2018

I’ll Put A Euro In The Swear Jar

Before I begin, let me just explain that while I’m not quite at the Roddy Doyle novel level of swearing, I am known to have a […]
September 28, 2018

Welcome To The Age Of No

In my previous life as a beauty and fashion writer, I can remember going to interview the creator of beauty brand Yes to Carrots, Ido Leffler. […]
September 21, 2018

We Never Had That In My Day

One surprising thing about motherhood, yes I realise there are tonnes of others, but one I never ceased to be amazed by, is the absolute random […]
September 11, 2018

Why I Ditched The Doorbell And Never Looked Back

Every parent in the world knows the importance of getting their babies and toddlers down for that famed afternoon nap. It’s a routine that can make […]
January 8, 2018
September 9, 2018

I Confess To…..

Welcome to our month long series of Mumfessions! We all know being a mum is the hardest job in the world. It’s completely life-changing. Equal parts […]
September 5, 2018

Tried & Tested: Mama Moments Subscription Box

A couple of weeks ago, we asked YOU our fabulous M Word readers to get involved in our brand new Real Reviews series, which sees us […]
September 3, 2018

Learning To Love My Baby

20th January 2017 is a day that for most people will be remembered as the day Donald J. Trump officially took office. For me, it will […]