Ever Thought Of Putting Breast Baubles On Your Tree?

Want To Have The Breast Christmas Ever? Put Boobles On Your Tree

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December 7, 2017
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December 7, 2017

Want to make Christmas extra special this year?  Then why not try putting some Boob baubles on your tree?

The Boob baubles or boobles for short are little knitted spherical breasts that you can hang from your Christmas tree.

Etsy-er SPLILTHdesign are the geniuses behind it.

And if you are interested  they also makes knitted breasts you can use as tiny stress balls.

Luckily you can choose from a wide range of colours – either sticking to skintones or going for green, purple, and orange

‘Celebrate the holidays in style while also celebrating glorious boobies,’ reads the product description

‘These are fun, lightweight and available in a range of colours to suit you!

‘These are lovingly handmade and bound to entertain any party guests over the festive period and beyond! ‘Cause why just stop at dangly boobs at Christmas?!’