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August 24, 2017
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August 25, 2017

It is almost here. We are clawing our way out of the summer slowly. I feel the anxiety leaving me bit by bit. With each purchase of a school bag or uniform my happiness is slowly returning. Putting the stickers and name tags on everything nearly pushed me to hold a huge party the other night. But it’s far too soon. Is it?

I am holding fast, almost hanging on in there. The nights are getting darker sooner. A welcoming sight, sad for the children, not me. No more knocks on the door at ten o’clock to come out and play, seriously.

Leaves are falling while the kids play in the back garden, a gentle reminder, it’s nearly time. The new lunch boxes and beakers have been purchased, the excitement, me not them.

The plans are being made. What will I do with all those free hours? Coffee dates that don’t cost thirty euro because they want organic lemonade and brownies. No just me, my coffee and my book. Heaven.

I am making plans on how I will conquer the world child free come August 31st – D-Day. The list of things I can do with my newfound freedom is endless. Throw in a few weekly gym sessions and the result, a very chillaxed mother. The idea of being able to walk out the door and get into the car without any hassle or extra baggage. No fights over who sits where. Who’s turn is it to ride shotgun. That seat is for my handbag now!

I welcome the dark early mornings. It’s like trying to raise the dead getting this lot up at that hour, but I will persevere. That beautiful morning (did I tell you it’s the 31st of August) that is coming, I will be up with the rooster packing lunches and bags. Smiling through gritted teeth as they moan and sulk about going back to school. Because I have six hours peace coming to me.

I might be tempted to set up the garden furniture in the front garden with a glass of champagne. Parents invited, no kids. We can wave them off together. The cackles of laughter will follow them down the road. They will despise us, we won’t care.

I will miss them I am not heartless, not all the time anyway. But for some reason this year, even the children are looking forward to going back. Maybe the feeling is mutual this year. We are bored with no routine, we haven’t had a holiday which hasn’t helped, and there are only so many picnics we can go on, especially in Ireland!

So bring on Dr Phil – it’s time to go back to school!

Louise O’Gorman
Louise O’Gorman
I am a stay at home Mum and part time writer of articles and short stories. I am a fiercely independent forty something who spends her days massaging the ego of three young children. Only so I can create genius’s so I can retire and live the high life. Married to my childhood sweetheart the foundation to most of my happiness, on a good day the kids fill the rest of the happiness jar.