Each Child Causes Close To €4,000 In Damage To Your House

Each Child Causes Close To €4,000 In Damage To Your House

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January 20, 2018
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Every parent knows there is no point in owning anything expensive until your children grow up and leave the house.

But now a survey in the UK  has calculated just how much damage each of your little darlings can cause.

The DiscountFlooringDepot survey estimated the true cost over a child’s lifetime was €3,984 .

Typically, walls are the hardest hit by your little angels.

It emerged  84 per cent of parents surveyed said they’d had to have walls and woodwork fixed up because of their kids.

The top incidents were wall damage, carpet stains, damage to sofas, chairs and beds (72 per cent), mirrors, ornaments and pictures (61 per cent) and TVs, phones, tablets, digital boxes (56 per cent).

Mum-of-one Jo Finlay, 37, of St Albans, Herts, told the Daily Express her son had unleashed anarchy in her home.

She said: ‘He broke his bed after he and a friend decided to use it as a trampoline and he used to pull down any pictures on the wall until I moved them all higher.

‘But it’s his tendency to spill juice all over the place which really annoys me. He spills it on the carpet and sofa all the time.

‘I don’t even bother trying to get the stains out now – there doesn’t seem much point until he gets older.’