Kids Reveal The Five Most Embarrassing Things Parents Do

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September 10, 2017
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September 10, 2017

It is a universal law of nature that kids are embarrassed by their parents.

But what is it exactly that is so toe curling about Mum and Dad?

Well a new study by YouGov has gone and asked the kids what they hate seeing their folks doing the most.


To be exact they asked 1,058 children aged between 6-15 to reveal what makes them them cringe and this is what they said.

The worst thing you can do apparently is sing.

According to the survey 16 per cent of kids hate it with girls more likely (19 per cent) to go crimson than boys (14 per cent).

Dancing is the second worst thing a parent can do as 12 per cent of kids say they can’t watch if their folks hit the dance floor.


Kids also can’t bear it when their folks start kissing and cuddling in public.

Seven per cent don’t want to see Mum and Dad hugging and kissing them in public and six per cent think it is just as bad if their parents do the unthinkable and kiss in PUBLIC.

Not surprisingly five per cent don’t like their parents acting weird or being silly in public.

But the survey also found a well adjusted 12 per cent of kids don’t find their parents embarrassing at all.