KitKat Are Bringing Out Their Own Cheesecake In A Bar

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September 10, 2017
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September 10, 2017

If you love your chocolate, cheesecake and taking breaks (eh who doesn’t??)then there is some seriously good news on the way.

KitKat are on the verge of releasing what may well be a game changer in the already packed choccy bar sector with the arrival of the New York Cheesecake KitKat Chunky.

Alongside the familiar milk chocolate and crispy wafer, the Chunky will feature a ‘creamy-tasting layer of New York Cheesecake filling’.

The  word from the UK is they will be on the shelves from 18 September, and we are crossing all our fingers and toes it will be the same date in Ireland.

What is making us drool is the fact the word on the chocolate paved street is the new bar is really delicious.

Food bloggers given access to the treat have been giving the bar the thumbs up for things like the fact the ‘chocolate to wafer ratio’…whatever that means.