Who Would Have Guessed? Women Have Less Leisure Time Than Men

Women Have Far Less Leisure Time Each Week Than Men

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Leisure Time

This will come as a surprise to no woman anywhere but women have far less leisure time than men each week.

In fact according to the latest results from the UK’s Office of National Statistics men have FIVE more hours a week to put their feet up.

In total men enjoy an average of 43 hours of leisure time a week compared to women who have just 38 hours.

The, study which covers 2015, suggests women have less free time than men because they are doing household chores.

Worryingly, the report also found the average amount of leisure time for men has risen since 2000 while it has dropped for women.

‘Leisure time for women could be less than for men because although women are more frequently engaged in part-time work than men, they spend more time completing unpaid work such as household chores and childcare,’ the report states.

‘The hours spent on unpaid work are likely to replace those hours that could have been spent on leisure activities.’

And what do we do with our free time?

It seems both sexes like to relax by being online, reading or watching telly.

The good news is the survey found that the older people get, the more leisure time they take.

People aged 25 to 34 took the least amount of leisure time in comparison to any other age group whereas those aged 65 and over took the most, though men still exceeded women in this category.

This disparity could be because people in the elderly age bracket are likely to have older children and may have possibly retired.

Those aged 16 to 24 took the highest amount of leisure time a week, which the ONS speculate may be because many people within this age bracket are students without full-time jobs.