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October 16, 2017

Toys That Go Bump In The Night

“The train will arrive in five minutes“. Think about that sentence for one minute, she must be in a train station you automatically assume. Wrong. Sure where else would I be? Surely not just after walking into my sitting room after midnight to check on everything before I went to […]
October 16, 2017

When A Walk In The Park With The Dog Goes Horribly Wrong

Everyone knows bringing the dog for a walk can in a moment turn into an absolute nightmare. But for one woman it turned out to be embarrassing in a way she never imagined possible. A friend highlighted Sarah’s walk of shame home after her dog found an ‘unusual toy in […]
October 16, 2017

How To Survive…Missing An Awards Ceremony

Having children, especially small children, can often mean missing functions and events. This has happened to me these last few years more times that I can count. I’ve missed hen parties, weddings, you name it I’ve probably missed it, but that’s just a part of motherhood. So, when the opportunity […]
October 15, 2017

Playground Parents – Which One Are You?

Over the last few years I have concluded that there are three different types of ‘Playground Parent.’ The first is a Helicopter Parent. A Helicopter Parent can be defined as one who consistently hoovers around their child in an overly protective manner. These parents can be found immediately next-to, in-front […]
October 15, 2017
bra bag

This Is So Handy… The Bra Bag

How many times have you been on a night out with your handbag stowed in a corner with your mates, and no pockets in your skintight mini or bodycon dress? So you – stripper-like – fold a few notes into your bra as you battle your way to the bar. […]
October 15, 2017
school early

Are Children Starting School Too Young?

Children who start school later have higher levels of self-control, a study has found. The research paper from Stanford University looking at Danish children found that delaying kindergarten for one year reduced inattention and hyperactivity by 73 percent by age 11. So what are the implications for Irish children who […]


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