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October 31, 2017

My Son Just Gave Me A Slow Clap

Yesterday evening, thirteen hours into my day with my two young sons, I sat, slumped on the closed toilet lid watching them in the bath together. The three year old, long and slender, pale, the water only covering his bent knees; the ten month old sitting stoutly, portly and stocky, […]
October 31, 2017

Hey, Hallow’een! You’re Not, And Never Will Be, Christmas, Ok?

As a parent of three small boys, I couldn’t survive without a calendar; not a digital one but an old school one that hangs on the wall. Every hospital appointment, birthday party and extra curricular activity is written on there as I cannot trust my mammy-brain. Looming large is Halloween […]
October 30, 2017

Calling BS…On Family Court

There’s always ideal ways of handling situations. When you have children and your relationship breaks down, ideally the two parties would be able to communicate. This communication would focus on the children. Their well being is top priority but there are other considerations such as access and maintenance which can […]
October 29, 2017

How To Survive…Present Shopping

So it’s one of Murphy’s Laws that at least once a year a billion birthdays will fall into the same month – mother’s, father’s, sister’s, brother’s, children’s, niece’s, nephew’s and a friend or two thrown in for good measure. The national debt of a small country is accrued as you […]
October 29, 2017

How To Get Them Ready For Hallowe’en Without MAJOR Fuss

Its that spooky time of year when all things dark and grisly are floating around neighbourhoods. Certainly my 3 kids have finished a week in school full of homemade decorations, cake sales and of course costumes. Here’s a quick look at how you can get them ready for Hollowe’en without […]
October 28, 2017

These Videos Teach Kids About Consent

The debate around sexual assault and consent has heated up again following the recent Weinstein revelations. But how do you explain consent to your kids? These videos illustrate in simple, age-appropriate language what consent means. And they’re entertaining as well. Blue Seat Studios is a video design agency which aims […]


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