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Maia Dunphy naively thought working from home once she had a baby would be easy. She was wrong…

June 20, 2017

The Tricky Politics Of Having ‘Mum-Friends’

I have written before about both the agony and the ecstasy of making “mum friends” (maybe slightly dramatic language there), but forging new friendships as a mother can be vital, especially in those overwhelming early days or whilst on maternity leave. And if you are a stay at home mum, […]
June 13, 2017

What Father’s Day Cards REALLY Mean

One of the most significant things about becoming a parent, is not the waves of unconditional love, nor the sleep deprivation, fundamental life or body changes. It’s that you can finally participate in the receiving of cards on Mother or Father’s Day. Ah, Father’s Day. Invented some time in the 1980s […]
June 9, 2017

The Problem With Banning Babies

There are hardy perennials for the Press: stories of various cafés and other establishments banning buggies or babies. I have always respected the right of business owners to decide whether or not children are welcome, but sometimes you wonder if they know who their demographic is at all. I remember […]
June 2, 2017

What Is So Wrong About Dressing Like A Mum?

Baby clothes are cute, no matter what colour, size or style. Not so Mum clothes apparently. But what even ARE Mum clothes? I thought I just wore clothes, full stop. But it would seem not. I bumped into an old neighbour during the week, and admittedly, I was running to […]
May 30, 2017

Why I Really Co-Sleep With My Baby

I knew nothing about co-sleeping before I had a baby (frankly, it would have been weird as hell if I did). But countless people asked me what my plans vis a vis the baby’s sleeping arrangements were whilst I was pregnant. I’d stare at them blankly and mutter something about […]
May 25, 2017

This Tiredness Is Really Starting To Piss Me Off

I don’t think I need to tell any parent about tiredness. We’re bored of being warned about it by exhausted parent-friends before we even have kids. Then we’re pissed off with well-meaning folk asking us all manner of questions related to sleep after a baby arrives. We get it. Babies […]


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