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Woman Turns Her Stretchmarks Into Art

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Stretch marks are something women usually cover up and go to great lengths to disguise.

However, a collage artist has found a unique way to express acceptance of her body after putting on weight.

Sara Shakeel shared her art on Instagram.

She used glitter to turn her stretch marks into beautiful images.

The response has been extremely positive.

She writes: ‘Where I come from and live, to be on the chubby side or to even talk about stretch marks is not something one is proud of. I have seen my stretch marks grow from the day I started putting on weight.

She even used glitter to transform the stretchmarks of one of her followers.



Sara first began to make collages after failing her dental school course. She embellishes photographs with diamonds, rainbows, and stars to create artworks.

She received a huge response with one follower telling her:

‘You make us women with cellulite and stretch marks feel like we can still be beautiful with them.’

Another writes: ‘Taking something that people are so ashamed of and so afraid of and not only being proud of it and showing it off but making it freaking sparkle?!’