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Ooh La La: Naked Restaurant Opens in Paris

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November 8, 2017
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There’s a naked restaurant in Paris. And when we say naked, we mean the diners.

O’naturel seats 40 and offers traditional French cuisine, like foie gras and braised chicken with truffles.

Somehow we don’t think our bits should be left uncovered in a place that serves hot soup.

And surely eating in the nude in public can’t be very hygienic.

Diners at O’naturel are shown to a cloakroom where they can leave their clothes before being seated.

The trend for naked dining seems to be gathering steam.

Last year a naked raw food pop-up restaurant in London saw46,000 applications for seats.

Individual tables were surrounded by curtains in the Bunyadi.

In this Parisien venue things are more intimate with spacing between tables just like in a normal restaurant.

O’naturel is open from Tuesday to Saturday with starters priced from €13 and three-course set menus from €39.

If you’re not keen to get naked, but not averse to a little flesh on the side, there’s a cafe in Arizona that has bikini baristas.

Bikini Beans Espresso in Phoenix is staffed by women wearing bikinis.