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Nine Times I’ve Really Needed The Printer But Ran Out Of Ink

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If I manage to get through a week with only resorting to dry shampoo once and leaving the house wearing relatively clean clothes everyday it’s been a good one.

But the to-do list is something that is never ending, constantly added to and could easily be renamed the list of good intentions. One little sneaky fecker on that list is printer ink. Sure, you’re not going wake up in the middle of the night checking that you put it in the printer properly. Or worry that it’s overheating or too cold. But as soon as you need it and don’t have it you’ll have pains in places you’d forgotten existed.

1.My daughter’s 5th class school projects on rainbows.

The promise had been made that we’d sit down and print all the bits out on Sunday night. Instead we all tore the house apart looking for a crayon that could be a possible match for indigo


2. Ah yes. The night of the Micky Flanagan gig.

Went to my parents’ house to print tickets. Then to realise they don’t have a printer. The rest of row 46 were not impressed when we arrived.


3.My only job for Sarah 30th birthday was to print loads of fun photos of all the girls.

No one saw the funny side when I arrived with stick men drawings of group photos. I thought we all looked lovely and slim anyway.

stick men

4.Going to the airport via my brother’s house so I could print boarding passes at 6.30 in the morning.

I enjoyed hearing him tell that story again this Christmas.


5.Going to an interview where I was specifically asked to bring a copy of my CV.

I think the real clincher was when I awkwardly tired to show the interviewer my CV on my phone and my


6.When you you’ve all been house bound for days and you make a big deal about making Halloween decorations on the computer to help lift spirits.

Cue everyone having a meltdown when you produce yellow pumpkins.pumpkin

7. Printing out party invites for kids.

By the time you get to the 6th you’re getting out the markers at 12pm to fill in colour.


8.Driving to Belfast with the kids and you think your being really prepare printing out the directions the night before.

Five minutes into the journey you realise that you only had enough ink in the printer to cover you getting out of your estate.


9. You know the kid who always has the hand drawn pictures instead of the printed pictures for my family project.

Yup that’s one of mine.



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Emma Doran
Emma Doran
Emma is a comedian living in Dublin with her partner Shane and their 3 children aged 13, 3 and 1. She a regular on the Irish comedy scene and has performed at some of the countries biggest venues like Vicar Street and The Olympia Theatre. She has supported Al Porter and Deirdre O' Kane. A regular on Republic of Telly, she has also appeared on Bridget and Eamon