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Picking Up Other People’s Crap, Literally

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January 9, 2018
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Laura Moran shares her hilarious ‘Poo Story’. The things we do!

Today was your average day for the most part. The usual morning chaos of getting the kids fed and dressed for school. The usual cleaning, folding washing, prepping dinner and singing into the sweeping brush to Q102’s Easy Listening while they’re gone.

Collected the Youngest from School and we have a bit of a wait ’til the Eldest finishes. We generally just wait in the car and read some of his Mr Men books. While I’m reading them I usually dream about throwing all the Mr Men books into a bonfire and watching them burn. (I’m sorry Mr Men. It’s not you, it’s me.i’m just ready to move on. I need more…)

Approximately 30 seconds before the School bell was due to ring, the Youngest informed me he was bursting for a wee. Of course. We went into the Community Centre and I sent him into the cubicle and closed over the door to leave him to it. He finished up and out he came. While I was fixing him I noticed a plop of solid poo on the floor. We were in a hurry so I said I’d sort him out when we got home. I got a piece of tissue, picked up the poo and threw it in the toilet.

I said to him “I didn’t realise you did a poo too.”

He said “I didn’t.”

I said “But there was some on the ground..”

He said “It wasn’t mine. Someone else must have pooed there.”


So I picked up someone else’s shit today. Lovely.

The joys of Parenthood.

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