The Seven Deadly Reads
August 14, 2017
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September 1, 2017

The Seven Deadly Reads


The Seven Deadly Reads

It seems like the most natural compliment in the world but it can have unforseen consequences: saying who your baby looks like.

And we also explore the dignity of the Single Mum and the challenges faced. It ain’t no hand-out, people.

Doesn’t He Look Like His Daddy!

I think we’re all guilty of looking at a person’s baby and telling the parents who we think he or she looks like.


How The Social Welfare System Has Treated Me…

When I was 13 or 14 everyone I knew had a little part time job.


More Babies Anyone?

No one told me how much my heart would burst with love.


Creche And Burn….(Or What Happened When I Signed Up My Son For The First Time)

Another first arrived on my doorstep this week. The looking-after-Tom-full-time and working-from-home model (whilst relying on my Mum for the days I have to be out) is no longer viable.


Three Babies In And This Is What I Know About Pregnancy

I have just recently had my third baby so I felt compelled to write this while it’s all still fresh in my mind.


Can We Talk For A Second About Grief?

Almost one year ago I got the call that everyone dreads.


Dear Pre-Baby Me…

I wish this was something you would one day get to read.

Stay sane, thanks for peeking at this in your inbox and hope to share with you next week.



Maia Dunphy is a writer and broadcaster who stepped in front of the camera after over a decade behind it. She has written and hosted twelve female-centric documentaries for RTE and has written for many well-known publications including the Evening Herald, The Dubliner, The Irish Times and Image Magazine among others.