Cold Snap Is Sending 'False Widow' Spiders Indoors

Cold Snap Is Sending ‘False Widow’ Spiders Indoors Experts Warn

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This is the news anyone with a fear of spiders definitely does not want to hear.

But experts are warning the recent cold snap is going to send our eight-legged friends indoors.

And the problem is because of the warm summer there are more spiders out there than usual this year including the false widow which can have a nasty bite.

Pest management consultant Clive Boase told the Irish Sun: ‘The comfortable climate meant false widows, as well as many other species of spiders, could continue their development throughout the summer,

‘Sightings of spiders often peak from September onwards as males of many species reach adulthood and venture into homes in search of a mate, and we could be seeing a lot more of them than normal over the next month or two.’

In most cases bites from the ‘false widow’ spider are non-fatal but commonly causes prolonged pain and redness or a rash on the affected area.

Mr. Boase said: ‘They are generally shy creatures and won’t come out into the open, but they could crawl into curtains or perhaps clothing left on the floor.’

Bites usually occur when the insect is trapped between clothing and skin or when it is roughly handled, Mr.Boase added.

You have been warned.