A Mum Was Left Stunned Over Letter Attacking Her For Using Nursery

Mum Stunned After She Receives Note Telling Her Off For Using A Nursery

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Parents in a posh area of London were left stunned after a mystery note writer told them off for putting their kids in nursery.

The strongly worded letter was posted through mum-of-two Joanne Flynn’s door in posh Muswell Hill, North London.

It said: “Dear parents, I live near you and I see you taking your baby to the nursery… I notice your baby is very distressed and disturbed coming/going to the nursery.”


The author of the note who only gave their name as  “Sheila” then goes on to say “for the first four years a baby only wants its mother”.

Joanne, 38, shared it on a Facebook group for 5,000 parents in the area.

The mum, who has a two-year-old daughter, wrote: “If ‘Sheila’ is in this group, my husband and I would like to have a conversation with you face-to-face to discuss this.”

But the other mum’s on the Facebook page came to Mrs Flynn’s defence.

One mother, named Olivia, wrote: ‘I’m really shocked and saddened that someone felt the need to encroach on your family life in this way. I’m sure you are doing what’s best for you and your children.’

Another said: ‘What a nasty piece of work. How can someone be so judgemental and smug?’

A third mum called Lauren said: ‘I’m lost for words reading this. You can see by everyone’s joint outrage that Sheila is a single minority person in a large community of mums and dads. Throw the letter in the fire and don’t give her a second thought.’