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It Takes A Baby’s Arrival To Bring Into Focus Life’s Failings

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January 4, 2018
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It’s taken for herself to get pregnant for me to realise how uncultured we are. The baby doesn’t have a chance.

Before conception I had fanciful notions in my head of how our child would speak seven languages, play five instruments and be an athletic powerhouse.
“It’s going to be great, our baby is going to be amazing,” I said pre-embryo as I stuffed my hungover face with overpriced brunch.
“Totally. It’s going to be so smart,” she said as she took a glug of her Bloody Mary.
“I know this is not a very PC thing to say, but we could live off it’s success.”
“I was totally thinking the same thing,” she smiled.
“And this is another reason why we are perfect together.” We laughed over our shared belief in child exploitation.

That was then. This is now. There’s nothing like the imminent arrival of a baby to bring into focus your life’s failings. Neither of us can play an instrument, spoons don’t count. Neither of us speak a second language, well I’m OK at Irish but the only words she knows are the Irish for; cake, please and teeth. She also can ask permission to go to the toilet in Irish. That is some feat. After twelve years of learning Irish as a compulsory subject she can only remember three random words and a sentence that asks for permission to urinate. The only French she knows are curse words, she also knows the German for pussy. I think it’s safe to say the child will not develop its language prowess from us.


Then there are our non-cultured habits. Herself listens to true crime podcasts. The violence is graphic but she insists that, “they help me go to sleep.” Now I have a real worry that our baby will kill us. It will just smother us in the night with it’s tiny arse.

Our philistine values don’t just stop at her feet. I adore Highway Thru Hell, but it’s a meaningless show. Grizzly Canadian men rescuing trucks. The same story-line every week, “will Jamie rescue the truck that is full of apples?” Just in case you’re on tenterhooks, Jamie did rescue the truck. Here’s the real rub, I’ve watched so many episodes of it yet I still call it, Ice Road Truckers which is a totally different show. Let me break this down further. I have watched the opening credits of this show at least eighty times yet I still can’t recall it’s actual name. I actually had to google it’s name for this post, I shit you not.

In conclusion, in our little culture bucket that is the size of a thimble she can sprinkle in three words of Irish and an obsession with true crime. I can season it with a reality show about rescue trucks in Canada plus flavour it with terrible recall ability, borderline I need medical intervention. At this stage if we can keep the child alive we will be winning.


I’m Birdie! I’m gay but sure who isn’t these days. You don’t have to be gay to relate to these posts. I started this blog because it’s important for the partner to have a voice. P.S. If you hate gays and what my partner and I represent then go burn an effigy of Elton John.