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September 13, 2017
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September 13, 2017

This week we meet Ashling Keane O’Sullivan. Ashling likes to think there is not much remarkable about her, but we beg to differ. Ashling is a wonderful writer who writes from the heart about life, whether it be funny stories or the nostalgic. A self confessed cake enthusiast. See we like her already! We won’t judge her for her choice of TV programmes, we all have our one guilty pleasure!

Ashling is a follower and supporter of the other M Word ladies. A big fan of the amazing funny author Marian Keyes. To Ashling, Marian Keyes is a breath of fresh air and wonderfully Irish.

Ashling’s piece, ‘The Continuing Joys of Toilet Training’ was her first article for The M Word and so retains a special place in her heart. It was inspired by her young son.  The joys of toilet training a boy, do we teach them to sit down or stand up? Have read and you will find out!

If Ashling had a super power it would be a toss up between flying like Superman or having laser vision. But Ashling reckons she would do too much damage with the laser vision. So flying like Superman it is! Sure ‘who wouldn’t want to fly like Superman?’


Describe Motherhood in six words?

Rewarding, challenging, exasperating, fun, life changing.

What inspires your writing?

Everyday situations mainly. There is nothing remarkable about my life or me. You certainly wouldn’t pick me out of a line up (I hope!). I like to write about funny or nostalgic stuff. Sometimes I write about nitty gritty things that really annoy me. That is cathartic. It can make me appear a tad unreasonable but we all have things that push our buttons.

People who know me personally say that they can hear me talk when they read my pieces. To me that’s the ultimate compliment.

What’s your story?

I’m from Clare, but I live in Cork with my wonderfully understanding husband, two children, and our pets. I’m the middle child of five, but I completely buck the middle child stereotype. I recently returned to full time work, am an REM fanatic and cake enthusiast, and my house is never completely tidy. Oh, and my guilty pleasure on TV is ‘Nashville’.

Whose writing do you admire and why?

I am in constant admiration of the M Word ladies and their writing. There have been some incredibly inspiring, funny, heart breaking and downright courageous pieces over the past few months.

In terms of authors, Marian Keyes is the queen of writing for me. Her turn of phrase is wonderfully Irish and the breadth of topics she has covered and tackled in her novels is fantastic. Other authors I enjoy are Khaled Hosseini, whose fictional works set in the recent history of Afghanistan are simply amazing and I also love Audrey Niffenger’s book ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’ and Curtis Sittenfeld’s ‘Eligible‘ which is a lovely modern take on ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

If you had a super power for just one day only what would it be and what would you do with it?

I’m going to choose the ability to fly like Superman. Who wouldn’t like to fly? Anyway, if I chose laser vision, I’d be afraid of the damage I might do………

Which story are you most proud of and what inspired you to write it?

The Continuing Joys of Toilet Training. It was my first piece in The M Word and it was inspired by my Small Boy.


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Louise O’Gorman
Louise O’Gorman
I am a stay at home Mum and part time writer of articles and short stories. I am a fiercely independent forty something who spends her days massaging the ego of three young children. Only so I can create genius’s so I can retire and live the high life. Married to my childhood sweetheart the foundation to most of my happiness, on a good day the kids fill the rest of the happiness jar.