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Doll Maker Thinks Female Vets Should Be Wearing Skimpy Dresses

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October 10, 2017
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Barbie has undergone some changes of late. She’s progressing with the times, taking on multiple careers in a nod to gender equality.

Toymaker Mattel has released a range with Barbie dolls with different ethnicities. There’s even a ‘curvy’ Barbie doll.

But we think someone forgot to send the memo to the lookalike doll brands.

Steffi Love, from German brand Simba Toys, is a well-groomed, fashion-conscious blonde. She’s super skinny, so it’s not surprising that the doll was mistaken for Barbie by Australian vet Dr Kate Adams.

The Sydney-based animal doctor, who also describes herself as a ‘tech entrepreneur,’ was amused at the idea of a vet doll dressed in a pink mini under her token white coat.

A post on her Facebook page, accompanied by a picture of a Steffi Love ‘Animal World’ set, reads:

‘Oh look, they made me into a Barbie vet. Except blonder, with a thigh gap and missing a golden retriever’.

As every little girl knows, the reality of being an actual vet is not at all glamorous and suitable attire should be worn if you’re out in the fields looking at cattle or performing surgery on a pet’s broken leg.

Scrubs, jeans, wax jacket, wellington boots, any of these items of clothing will do. But what’s not suitable or practical attire for a vet is a pink mini dress.

Even Barbie would know that.