A Wolf Whistle Is Something Nice That Happened Today ……Sometimes

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Definition of a Wolf Whistle; a whistle with a rising and falling pitch, directed towards someone to express sexual attraction or admiration.

Definition of Catcalling, is to shout sexual comments at women who pass by.

Definition of Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

So the Wolf whistle is the definition of a man showing his sexual admiration for a woman on the opposite side of the road!!

And Catcalling is the shouting of crude comments about particular parts of a woman’s body.

And a feminist is a woman who does not accept any form of catcalling or wolf whistling they see it as a form of sexual harassment.

So where do you stand? If you’re like me and a seasonal feminist, when it suits me, or just to piss my husband off! A wolf whistle is something nice that happened today. But when it develops into Cat Calling and pointing out a woman’s assets like big boobs, nice ass that to me is going too far. That line has being crossed and the whole experience becomes uncomfortable.

I had my hair done the other week and put on some war paint and made my way to the local shops. From across the road came a wolf whistle. My reaction lovely thank you very much; but the whistle kept coming and continued on a little bit longer until I glared at him and mouthed the words ‘asshole’ across the road. So my newly painted face was now a roaring shade of red. He got his reaction. I could have kicked myself or him. And to make matters worse even at the pedestrian crossing, the little man was red, even he was taking the micky out of me. So I stood there looking straight ahead with a big red head on me clashing with my new blonde look.

Now a very small piece of me was a little bit chuffed, just a little. And I looked forward to telling the hubby, have not lost it yet babe!

At the school later I had such a laugh with the other Mums about it. Most of the Mums were wishing they had gotten a wolf whistle, some telling me it has being years since they got one, so I am taking this one and keeping it. The whole situation was brought back to being a harmless bit of fun. But we all agreed when they start pointing out your assets the whole situation turns ugly.

I have been in that situation where a shop assistant had a full conversation with my boobs. Until I politely told him I was up here pointing to my face if he was planning on selling me the phone! Needless to say he did not get the sale. Asshole.

Later that evening I was telling my husband about what had happened there was a little eavesdropper in our conversation that evening, my eleven-year-old daughter. Well her response made me feel really bad! She was disgusted, appalled, there are not enough words to describe her reaction. ‘How dare he do that’ I tried not to laugh I really did. My first thought was she was protecting her mother. But no. Her rant continued and I think I may be rearing a future fierce feminist.

So the moral of the story guys is don’t cross that smutty line keep it clean.



Louise O’Gorman
Louise O’Gorman
I am a stay at home Mum and part time writer of articles and short stories. I am a fiercely independent forty something who spends her days massaging the ego of three young children. Only so I can create genius’s so I can retire and live the high life. Married to my childhood sweetheart the foundation to most of my happiness, on a good day the kids fill the rest of the happiness jar.