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Women Are Happier To Be Single Than Men Are

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November 13, 2017
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Contrary to what popular culture tells us women are actually happy being single.

That’s according to a new survey carried out by market research agency Mintel.

Researchers found that 61% of single women are happy being single, compared to 49% of single men.

And three-quarters of single women haven’t bothered looking for a new bae in the past year.

Professor Emily Grundy, of the University of Essex, told The Telegraph that women aren’t in a hurry to get fixed up because relationships are hard work.

Recent studies have found that women in relationships shoulder more of the household tasks.

Professor Grundy says women also do more of the ’emotional work.’

Other reasons for women’s relative contentment with their single status are their superior social skills, she added.

Whereas men tend to rely on their partners for their social life, women usually have a wider network of friends to turn to.

The survey found 42% of Brits describe their relationship status as single, while 58% say they are in a relationship.

Of the singles who have looked for a partner in the last year, almost seven in 10 (68%) have used a dating website or app, while 40% have looked to meet someone through friends and 19% have attended events. Not many were brave enough to speed date, with just 6% trying out the activity.