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Emma Power

October 21, 2018

It Truly Is The Hardest Job In The World

I am suffering from parenting fatigue. I’m tired of making school lunches, of cooking dinners, of doing a thousand piles of laundry every day. I am […]
October 20, 2018

I Am So Over Toilet Training For The Third Time

I am so over poo. It is my third time now toilet training a toddler and I am over it. I have run out of steam. […]
October 13, 2018

Today We’re Going To Parent Like It’s 1986

Okay, enough already. Enough with the soaking of the chia seeds overnight and the dairy free, sugar free foods. I’ve had it with the arts and […]
October 4, 2018

‘I Am Exhausted Keeping Up With My Kids’ After School Activities’

Can we talk about the amount of activities kids do these days? I realise we are all under pressure to create amazing human beings but when […]
September 15, 2018

What Kids Can Teach Us About Being Mindful

The pressure on adults today has reached epic proportions. Every time we look at our phones, we are reminded of all the things we should be […]
January 8, 2018
August 20, 2018

Can We Talk For A Second About How Hard It Is Living With A 3-Year-Old?

What is it with the OCD when it comes to clothes and shoes? Am I the only one who absolutely dreads getting my three year-old dressed […]
August 16, 2018

F**k You, Play-Doh!

I am done with Play-Doh. I have three children so you can imagine how much play dough has been bought, destroyed and thrown in the bin […]
August 14, 2018

10 Ways To Handle A Three-Year-Old (And Stay Sane)

1) Buy a really good coffee machine if you can afford it because sometimes a decent cup of coffee will get you through a day of […]