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Jennifer Ryan

January 16, 2019

If Gillette Are All About Equality Why Do They Charge Women More?

Let’s start by stating the obvious about all publicity – generally speaking it’s probably safe to say that all publicity ends up as good publicity, true? […]
January 15, 2019

There’s Magic In The Mundane

I could easily understand that if anyone happens to read some of my blog posts and doesn’t have children, that they’d read along and wonder why […]
January 4, 2019

New Year’s Resolutions Build You Up Them Make You Feel Like Crap

I feel a bit sorry for January, it kind of got the short straw when the fun months were being dished out. I mean, each of […]
December 2, 2018

Elf on the Shelf – Thanks, but No

People who know me, know that I love Christmas. Actually, it’s the run up to Christmas that I particularly love – the planning, the choosing of […]
November 28, 2018

I Think My Kids Are Trying To Kill Me

It has just dawned on me. I’ve just had an epiphany… it all makes sense now. I didn’t see it before, I mean, how could I? […]
January 8, 2018
November 27, 2018

How Do You Know When You Know?!

Some people say, ‘If you’re wondering, then you already know you’re not done yet’. Others seem certain on a pre-defined number, and are ok with sticking […]
November 26, 2018
Son's Birth

And Yesterday I Cried

‘The obligation for working mothers is a very precise one: the feeling that one ought to work as if one did not have children, while raising […]
November 20, 2018

Stop With The Self-Imposed Guilt, Already

I recently wrote a post about the guilt of being a working mother that I constantly feel, and since I posted it, reminding myself of the […]