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Calling Time On… Bickering Brothers

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January 8, 2019
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January 8, 2019

Does every house have them? Or is it just my house? Is it all about the age gap or does it happen regardless?

After spending a lovely Christmas with my little darlings, I ran out the door back to work. The ‘he keeps looking at me’ in the whiniest voice ever from my seven year old threw me completely over the edge yesterday. For Jaysis sake just shut the f*** up!!!! Ok, I did not say that out loud, just in my head….I hope!

It is constant.

‘Urgh, I’m not sitting beside him, I can smell his pesto’ was a clanger the six year old let out yesterday. The ‘he started it’, ‘he’s the worst brother ever’, ‘I wish he wasn’t in this family’, comments are really getting on my wick. I have no problem with the toilet jokes and the constant talk of willies and bums and stinky farts. That’s all pretty funny to be honest. Also quite normal I believe.

Now I know once we get back to school I know it will all improve. What with school, football, GAA and swimming, there’s not much time left to bicker! No wonder they’re fighting, they’re sick of the sight of each other!

Take me back to the 1980’s. Me and my sisters were left to our own devices so much more than we can leave our kids to theirs. It’s all playdates and pick-ups these days. No just hanging around, playing games, coming in for dinner when your mam screamed at you for the fourth time!

Now that’s not to say that we didn’t fight. I do remember a lot of ‘are you taking a bite now?’ ’Mam, she took a bite and she said she wouldn’t’ craziness from a hysterical little girl….me! But at least we gave our mam a bit of breathing space during the day.

When they’re bickering, I long to chuck them out the door to play with other kids on the road. Instead, I have to put on my best ‘now let’s play fair’ face and curse inwardly.

There are sixteen months between my boys. So they are pretty close in age. When they get on, they get on like a house on fire. Best buds. They will play together for hours. But when they fight, all bets are off.

My poor two year old thinks it is completely normal to ask for a toy by saying ‘gimme that, it’s MIIINNNEE!’ She’s going to be a delight when she starts Montessori.

Just a few more days till they start back in school and normality is restored. Deep breaths now!