Breastfeeding Hurt So Much I Cried

Breastfeeding Hurt So Much I Cried

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I think it’s fair to say that until you have experienced having a child you really have no idea what’s ahead.

Absolutely nothing can prepare you !

I think for me I had many ups and downs, I do tell people with a cheeky grin about getting my hair blow dried and having a gorgeous meal the night before I gave birth to my son but I suppose these are the perks of a C-section, you know when its going to happen.

What you don’t know is the aftermath and the excruciating pain you are in when your baby cries and you try to get out of the bed to comfort him.

I think I lost count of the amount of times I rang that nurses bell. I’m sure they were saying “oh lord another ftm with notions” but the reality was I could barely move I felt like I’d been stabbed in the stomach and I didn’t know if this was normal or not I had never had surgery before.

Of course after my five day stay I apologised profusely for my constant bell ringing, I could leave after day three but I rang my insurance company and asked could I stay longer, I mean who actually wants to stay in hospital longer than they need to but I did.

The food was really good and I was getting well looked after, why would I go home to cooking, cleaning and all the other duties that were ahead of me, I was in no rush !

My son weighed 9 lbs 10 which was quite a shock to me, I was expecting this tiny little thing and he was a “biggin”.

Breastfeeding proved a lot more difficult than I thought and by day two I was crying my little eyes out, the pain of it, I was baffled as to why this was hurting me so much the pre-birth classes I went to made it sound easy and straightforward, nope not the case.

By day four I tried the pumping and that was working quite well so that was the plan.

Three weeks later it became obvious that this little dude loved his grub and I couldn’t keep up with the demand.

I was so disheartened but there was so much going on with settling him in that I moved on to the next hurdle. Dislocated hips, a brace, weekly visits to temple street, colic, reflux the list goes on.

I can safely say my fabulous relationship with my significant other took a pounding, the bickering from sleep derivation was so new to us but we got through it and instead of running a mile by month three he proposed.

14 months on and I look back and think ah yeah I could do this again. The love you have for them outweighs absolutely everything else, it’s pretty amazing to be honest.

Cheryl Pierce
Cheryl Pierce
36 year old mum of one to 15 month old James. I'm a medical scientist working in a hospital setting four days a week. Qualified to masters level in medical science but never wrote a blog or article in my life. Love reading Sheila o'flanagan books and recently follow mums on instagram with toddler ideas of any sort.