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Calling Time On…Tearful Christmas Adverts

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December 3, 2018
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First there was the Budweiser Horses, then the Penneys cartoon, then the Coca-Coal Trucks rode into town, all bringing with them just the right amount of Christmas cheer. But a few years ago the winds changed and it was no longer trendy to make a happy Christmas advert, it was all about pulling at people’s heart strings.

John Lewis with their Man on the Moon, Lidl with the family that fix up the old family home, Edeka with the man who fakes his death to get his kids to visit, Jesus lads you’d want to be dead to not feel even a little emotional watching this lot.

But not satisfied with just tugging on heart strings, companies have, year on year, made their adverts sadder and sadder. We no longer get heart warming, excitement inducing Christmassy goodness, now we get the bloody saddest story ever told.

And I am fecking sick of it.

I have spent the last week bawling at the TV, the Boots advert isn’t even that sad but I’m in constant cry mode now so as soon as I hear ‘she’s me mum’ I am reaching for my tissues. I watched one today that was raising awareness about Loneliness in older people and holy hand of Christ, I nearly had to book a counselling session after it. It’s too much lads, too much.

Lets get back to the days of ‘Holidays are coming’, the ringing of Christchurch bells on the Guinness ad, the little kid in the Kellogg’s ad saying ‘hohoho’ and the cheery sound of the Clydesdale horses wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

Down with sad adverts and lets bring on the silly season. I understand that Christmas isn’t a happy occasion for some people, but did they consider that maybe they are just a miserable sod?? (joke)

Dee Rea
Dee Rea
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