The Second I Spotted Head Lice I Declared War

The Second I Spotted The First Head Lice I Declared War

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June 7, 2019
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June 17, 2019

I never really gave head lice a second thought, that was until they decided to set up camp in my girls beautiful thick long luscious Mane!

From the first Nit was discovered I meant business. This was war, and I was heading into battle with the intent of annihilation!

But just like all wars this mission needed planning with precision, a lot of resilience and the right ammunition before dig out my victory dancing shoes.

 The discovery

(to get the full effect you need to read this in your best Leslie Nielsen Naked gun voice )

It started off just like any regular day, the morning routine, teeth brushed, face washed, it was time for hair to be plaited. I parted the locks in the centre just like I did every day, and there it was….standing waving at me!! (ok it wasn’t waving but it was being pretty brazing) I acted like anyone else would facing an enemy, I killed it in broad daylight.  Then I parted the hair to the side and there was an army of them. oh sweet Jesus, time to call in the big guns
The Mission

I planned my mission and headed off for supplies,  I told the pharmacist what I was dealing with. HEAD LICE. . She led me in the direction of the lotions, combs and repellent spray (scratching her head) that will be €37 please! wtf..  this Really is war,

Plan of Action 

First the comb… section by section this takes time and resilience, I was determent to get every last one of them

The lotion ammunition for the head honchos, the leaders of the pack who dodged the comb, it says to leave it in for 8 hours, but I’m not leaving anything to chance 24 hours minimum

The comb Again  Altho the exhaustion is setting in  I’m not giving up! I found 2 of the chefs still alive (superbugs) and I crawled every inch of the battlefield,  and took down ever last son of a gun.

The denial

It was time to spread the word of the battle, I informed every big and small head who was in contact with us. Only to be met with “nits” nope”” no nits here! some of them almost tried to convince me that they never even heard of nits, like they are some medieval myth.  So my now mine is the first ever kid to get them. It was classed as a isolated incident at the school.. (I dont think so) if only they,d let me with my trusted fine comb in I’d find the Culprit


The plan is to make my kids head as inhabitable as possible. (step away from the razor) Starting with tea tree shampoo, nit repellent spray Topped off with a  huge tight  bun on top of her head  (Think drug mule in Peru)  and that’s it

mission accomplished over and out

(you, re all  scratching now eh…)

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Jolene x

Jolene Cox
Jolene Cox
Jolene has worked in the childcare sector her whole life, but when it comes to parenting she's winging it like the rest of us. Her passions are creating family food on a budget by day, and swigging a glass of red while writing her parenting stories by night. You can also find her hanging out at her Award-winning parenting and food blog One Yummy Mummy