About That Time I had Dinner In The Bath

About That Day I Had My Dinner In The Bath…

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Dinner In The Bath

Is it possible to reach a new low twice in the one hour? Asking for a … Actually, let’s just lay it out on the table. We are all friends here.

Today was a tough Mammy day. It’s been a dodgy week if I’m being honest. And I’m being honest here.

This evening I walked out of the house and drove with the intention of sitting in a café until dinner was made, kids has eaten and dishes were washed. (My dishwasher broke about a year ago and ‘we’ decided to not replace it – carbon footprint, yadda-yadda…I’ve felt regret at least four times a day ever since.)

That lasted about half an hour. My phone was on 13% and I needed to get some stuff done online. So, after popping into my local bookshop and ordering a book I don’t need, I came home.

And this is where it all began.

‘I’m gonna go have a bath.’

My husband thought that was a great idea and off he sent me with a suggestion of a gin to follow.

‘Only if we have ice.’

We didn’t. We never do. I knew I wouldn’t have anymore than one drink so it was pointless going for ice. Then I got a text. From himself in the kitchen.

‘Somewhere in the back of the freezer there were definitely cool-pops. Orange ones.’

‘That will work.’

‘Yeah, they’ll cool it down AND give an orange flavour.’

New low Number one.

I sank into the bath, opened up my book and began to read but something was off. I suddenly had really bad hunger pains. I remembered eating two slices of cold toast first thing, but nothing after that. There are reasons for this and they are called ‘My Three Children, Puppy and Five Loads of Washing.’

Daughter number two appeared in the bathroom just then. I’d usually be annoyed but not today.

‘Have you eaten your dinner yet?’

She nodded.

‘Would you ask Daddy if I could have mine up here please?’

‘What? In the bath?’

I heard her repeat my request to my husband.

‘What? In the bath?’

‘That’s what I said to her!’

Dinner appeared in the same fashion as the gin. In the hand of a bewildered husband.

‘You sure about this?’


‘What if you spill the pasta in the water?’

‘Duh… I won’t!’

New low number two.

There’s a lone piece of penne in the bottom of my bath.

Tomorrow’s a new day I guess.

Jennie Scanlan
Jennie Scanlan
Jennie Scanlan, Mother of Dragons (well actually, 1 teen, 1 tween and a Ronaldo wannabe), girls rugby coach, foster parent and eternal dreamer. Jennie loves nothing more than being lost down the rabbit hole of her books and Kindle. With a pinch of empowerment, a teaspoon of solitude and the new discovery of a good G&T she is not shy of an opinion or letting you know what passions stir her body and mind. Jennie can be contacted on Twitter and on Facebook