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It’s February… Time for REAL New Year Resolutions

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October 30, 2018
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This article is based on two assumptions;
1. You set awe inspiring, amazing, saintly, world changing New Year resolutions
2. You watched each of them die a death within 2 weeks of conception.

This is also based on one fact;
1. I did exactly this and I know I’m not alone!
Ah look it, hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s ok to admit now that perhaps committing to a minimum 10 hours exercise a week and zero consumption of chocolate was a bit of a stretch (what was I thinking/ drinking when I came up with those!!)
But, moaning will get us nowhere. Let’s learn from our mistakes and carve a path towards the life we want to live together.

Here’s my tips (please note I am not a certified anything and tips should be taken at the owner’s risk!)

I do not fail!

1. Accept you made an error, build a bridge and move on. Nobody likes a wallower and forever beating yourself up about something is the biggest waste of time ever. Move on swiftly!

2. Make a list of what’s important to you and then whittle it down to what’s actually attainable. Saving the world and finding the cure to cancer are commendable desires but seriously sweetheart, let’s bring it back to what we can actually do, on our own! To put on my HR hat, make a SMART goal. If it works for company performance, it can work for you!

Perfect example of a Mammy in charge!

3. Include and prioritise at least one goal that you know will benefit not only you but your family also. Everybody knows that all Mammy’s sit at the helm of every family and they alone are the only ones with the power to implement and achieve change for good (down off your high horse Daddy’s… I’ll speak about your super powers another day, promise!) Including your crew in a goal will motivate you more and make you answerable to someone… In my case a relentless three-year-old with the morals of Mother Theresa and the persistence of Mary Robinson! There’s lots to choose from here; fitness, food, wellbeing, education, getting over a fear and so on and so forth. Family bonding anyone?

There’s a ‘Free’ course for everything these days!

4. Get all of the (free) help money can buy! If you haven’t yet cottoned on to this, you need to. There is free professional help out there (on the internet of course) for absolutely everything thing you can imagine and dream up. From workouts to nutrition to cookery demos’ to art classes to piano lessons to gymnastics for the elderly… (you never know!) And don’t be put off by those that only give 1 week free then you’ve to pay… Get the 1 week, see how it goes then weigh up if it’s worth a few quid to continue with your goal or not. I find that once I pay for something I HAVE to use it (I’m a real sting-bag like that!)

5. Finally, give yourself a break. Everybody makes boo boo’s, we are only but human after all. Schedule in some breaks and conscious periods of down time. Don’t let those changes consume you. You are you, after all and being you is just fine at the end of the day.

Give Yo Self a Break Mama!

So let me know what you’ve set as your REAL resolutions.

I’ve just signed up for a 5k run (WTF!) and college again (OMG!). Two things that I don’t necessarily enjoy but two things that both feed into the greater good. Also committed to learning the new age lingo of my 13-year-old daughter more so I can somewhat communicate (Well, that’s the POA! SLAP? YOLO!)
Wish me luck!


Emma-Jane Leeson
Emma-Jane Leeson
EJ has written and published “The Adventures of Johnny Magory” children’s books series whilst managing 3 children, an adult male, a dog, 2 cats, some hens & a full time career in HR. These books are written in rhyme and reflect on life growing up in Ireland - they're very IrisIh! Johnny Magory books aim to inspire and instill a sense of pride and passion in young children about Ireland’s landscape, wildlife, heritage and pastimes. "I'll tell you a story about Johnny Magory"