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My Fiancé Slept With My Niece

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July 9, 2018
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My whole world turned upside down in March of last year. I found out my fiancé, the father of my two small children, the person I’d spent seven years with had cheated on me.

It’s not just that he cheated on me. What he did was so much worse than just cheating. When he decided to do that he chose my own niece to do it with.

I didn’t know for a long time. I found out after she told me he had cheated on me with another person who was also a friend.

I knew when she told me this, that she too was involved, although she’ll never admit to it.

He did tell me. Over a year after it happened.

During which time he suffered with chest pains, anxiety and depression.

He blamed them on where we lived and the stress of having the kids. Let me just point out that he did literally nothing in the house to help nor did he do things for himself. So it became then that no matter where I went I had to bring both small children with me, while he played computers for 18 hours straight. Eventually after many months of him complaining, we moved. Conveniently, my sister was moving away, with my niece, and it was decided that we would also move there with them.

We were seven months living there before I found out the truth.

On the day I did, the relationship ended. I was never going to be able to continue it knowing that. Unfortunately for me and my kids when the relationship ended, his full true colours came shining out. I’ve spent the last 15 months having him threaten me, my family, threaten to kill himself, call me on video with a knife to his neck. Threaten not to pay maintenance, flat out not pay a thing and currently I’ll have to bring him to court to make him. Although he says he still wont pay a penny even if a judge demands it.

I’m still dealing with it. He only threatened to kill himself last week again and to make my kids hate me and burn my mother’s house out with her inside. He won’t beat me though. I’m not afraid of him or his threats anymore. I got my family out of that area and back closer to my family. I’ve managed to do something I never thought possible. I’ve gotten stronger and a hell of a lot harder to knock down.