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Our First Weekend Away – WITHOUT The Kids

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We are married twelve years this year. We have three kids from 4 to 10. Like so many other families Monday to Friday is the usual show of school drop-offs and pick ups, homework, lunches, dinners (that aren’t eaten), drama class, football training, swimming, rinse, wash, repeat. We have weekends booked up with more swimming and football and mayhem. Our life is hectic from Monday to Friday and Friday to Sunday so by the time Sunday night rolls around, we are in desperate need of a break. Life with three small ones, never ever stops.

And we’re wrecked.

We do go on family holidays. We are lucky that we can get away. Usually we go abroad to see family and last year we went to Kerry. It doesn’t matter where you are, holidays are a constant flux of activities, and sightseeing and swimming and playgrounds and dinners (that aren’t eaten). And by the time the end of the holiday rolls around, we are in desperate need of a break.

And so it goes one and on…The Hamster Wheel my friend calls it. Other terms like Groundhog Day and Weekly Grind spring to mind. It’s tiring. It’s hard to keep going but you do. You manage. Mostly.

But for those of you reading this with a first baby and fearing for your life, fear not, last weekend something amazing happened and it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. Well since childbirth (I put that in cause I have to, its not true)!

My husband and I went to a hotel for a weekend break. On our own.

An Actual Fabulous Hotel, with a Spa, one hour drive away. This place had its own thermal spa, massage therapists and a private beach (and that last bit should just give you visions of heaven cause it was). There were no kids there! I mean, kids were allowed, but they just weren’t there! It was quiet. SO QUIET!

Things I noticed, included:

  • I ate food cooked by someone else.
  • There was no ketchup and that was ok.
  • I didn’t argue with anyone about not eating food, or indeed the throwing food on the floor, or the hiding of food on the floor.
  • I didn’t drink cold tea. Actually all my tea over the weekend was piping hot.
  • I read a newspaper.
  • I went for a brisk walk. Not a slow walk or an out of breath run along with a scooter or bike. This was an adult sized walk and there were no stops to look at poop/snails/pretty flowers.
  • I had a shower without interruption.
  • I walked around barefoot without having to check the carpet for Lego.
  • I got into a swimming pool with my husband and there were no children in it.
  • I watched an entire episode of Eastenders without having to Pause or Rewind.
  • I didn’t watch any Childrens TV.
  • I didn’t utter the words Chicken Nuggets.
  • I slept past 9am.
  • Got pissed.

This was amazing!

This was a new me!

Just two amazing days without serving the mini dictators!

Of course, we came back to our wonderful children who were the most beautiful creatures the world has ever known and I adored every bit of them when I saw them.

I know as parents we have just keep going. Head down. We have found nights out here and there and we get a lie on some weekends. But I can actually say that a full break from the day to day is a break my brain has needed as well as the body. We have busy crazy lives and we wouldn’t change it but every now and then a step back can practically change my world. Will I get a chance to go again? I don’t know. Finding someone to take the three crazies for a weekend is the hardest part. It doesn’t matter though cause they are getting older and life will get easier. In the meantime, the weekend we just had was pretty  much amazing. Great for Mum and Dad but also Mr and Mrs!!