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How To Get Them Ready For Hallowe’en Without MAJOR Fuss

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Its that spooky time of year when all things dark and grisly are floating around neighbourhoods. Certainly my 3 kids have finished a week in school full of homemade decorations, cake sales and of course costumes. Here’s a quick look at how you can get them ready for Hollowe’en without the fuss!

Try Some Homemade Decorations!

This is great to get them involved and to fill in a few days over midterm!



  • Get to your local craft shop and lay your hands on some black card.
  • Draw spooky spider and bat shapes on the card
  • Get your kids involved by cutting out bat and spider shapes and sticking them to your window.
  • When you turn on the light in your hall or room, your silhoettes will light up
  • Make them even more spooky by changing the lightbulb to a very ghoulish green or spooky orange.

Witches feet


  • This time of year your local discount shop usually sell stripped Green/black or Orange/Black tights or socks.
  • Fill these with scrunched up paper or fabric. Mould it until they look like skinny witches legs.
  • Put on a pair of old shoes and stick them under a flowerpot.
  • It now looks like you have a squashed witch under your flowerpot!

Quick Party Treats

If you’ve a few friends coming over for trick or treating these are quick and handy spooky treats with corners cut for speed!

Monster Rick Krispie Cakes


You’ll need:

8” squared tin, lined with greaseproof paper

For the Krispie Bars

4 oz/113g White Chocolate

Green Food colouring

3 oz/75g Rice Krispies


For the chocolate tops:

1oz white chocolate

Green Food Colouring

Candy Monster Eyes.


Melt the white chocolate over a pan of hot water.

Move to the side and add a half teaspoon of green food colouring.

Add Krispies and mix well together until all Krispies are green.

Press into a well greased 8 inch

Refrigerate for 1 hour

When set, remove the krispies and cut into 8-12 rectangles using a sharp knife. Set aside


Melt the remaining chocolate and once again add in quarter teaspoon of green colouring.


Dip your Rice Krispie Bars into the green chocolate up to about an inch.

Stick a single Candy Eye in the centre of the green chocolate while the chocolate is still not set.


(Optionl) Add some green Sprinkles to the top to make the monster appear to have furry hair.


To speed things up even more, you can buy packs of Krispie Bars ready made and just use the green chocolate to dunk the top of them

Spidery Treats


You’ll need:

A pack of queen cakes from your local supermarket.

Ready Made chocolate icing


Strawberry laces

Chocolate Sprinkles

Skittles (Share bag is best)


Cut the strawberry laces into inch long sections, set aside

Cover each cake in a spoon of the chocolate icing

Dip them into the Chocolate Sprinkles

Place 3-4 strawberry laces and top with a rolo using some more of the chocolate icing to “glue” them down.

Place 2 green or red Skittles on the cakes to look like spooky eyes.

Last minute Costumes



You’ll need:

Black leggings

Black Top


Red paint



Red lipstick

Black Eye Eyeliner


Cut rip into the leggings and Black top

Paint around the edges in red paint to make them look like bloody claw marks. Allow to Dry.


Use Suducrem as a white makeup base and cover lightly in talc.

Apply plenty of red lipstick on lips and around the eyes.

Finish off the eyes with black eyeliner

Draw 2 “fangs” on the lower chin.


Old Lady/Old Man

You’ll need:

Talc for the hair, use plenty to make a white/grey hair do!


Black eye liner to create “wrinkles”

Old clothes such as shirt and baggy trousers or flowery dress

You can use grown up sizes and cut them to fit. Use belts to tie tight.

Put it all together with a walking stick! Done!