Having The Stranger Danger Talk With My Kids Makes Me Sick

Having The Stranger Danger Talk With My Kids Makes Me Sick

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Writing this post makes me feel nauseous, but for that reason I think it’s a meaningful post to write.

I can’t be the only parent that has found this subject a challenge to approach with their little ones. It’s not a lighthearted subject and it upsets me that this is something we need to approach as parents, but the importance of being a responsible parent is paramount here and I need to try and remove my emotion from that (but it’s so difficult)!

It became apparent to me recently that it was perhaps about time that I had this talk or to broach this subject with my little boy. There were several triggers for this which I am not going to go into, but for me I just knew it was the right time to seriously consider this and how I was going to approach it.

I wanted to talk to him in a way that was going to arm him with the tools to deal with ever being faced with a potentially dangerous situation… BUT I also didn’t want to scare the shit out of him (or me)! I want to teach him to be streetwise not hardened, and I found it’s tough to articulate.

I found and I am still struggling to find the balance here. Saying ‘don’t ever talk to strangers’ just isn’t enough anymore, but I am worried about going into the detail of situations that could occur- like, ‘if an adult says they have puppies in their van you DON’T go with them to look they could be lying.’  Then the questions would start, ‘why would they lie? or ‘what if I just didn’t touch the puppies?’

Eluding to your child that the world can be a dangerous place or that there are bad people out there is utterly soul destroying. It makes me angry that I feel like I have to take a part of my child’s innocence away or that I have to teach him to be less trusting in life. It’s the most painful talk I think I will ever have with my kids, I genuinely think I will find the sex talk easier!

I have read some articles/guides on this directed towards parents and my takeaways have been:

  1. Don’t use scary statements or language that may cause your child to be alarmed or cause them to worry.
  2. Role play of situations when you are out and about are a good way for kids to learn and teaching them generally who trusted adults are if they get lost or are on their own for any reason.
  3. Start teaching your kids their full names, parents full names, address, phone numbers etc.

There is an abundance of information online, but this is where I have decided to start. It’s a minefield of a subject and I want to be very considered in my approach.

Like every part of being a parent I’m feeling my way as I go, there is no foolproof guide out there that will fit every child or every situation. I wish it was as easy as when we were young and our parents used to just say ‘if a man tries to take you just kick him in the balls and run!!’ – which would probably still be my approach today!

Lisa Nolan
Lisa Nolan
Lisa, originally from Edinburgh, moved to Dublin four years ago. Lisa is married to an Irishman who is originally from Kilkenny and is a proud Mum to Max (6) and Isabelle (2). Lisa loves the escape of writing her thoughts and recently started blog writing about topics close to her heart. Lisa likes to keep it real and won’t hold back when it comes to her opinions. Follow her blog called Lisa Loves Blog and over on Instagram too.