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High Street Fast Food Chain Set To Add Breastmilk Based Products To Their Menu

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The recent article published in the British Medical Journal – Issue No 3 (2018/19) citing the nutritional benefits of breastmilk has garnered some weight among nutritionists and therefore mainstream food outlets and manufacturer have decided to get involved in the slice of the burgeoning market.

Mr. A. Conway, a well know lactation clinician, said that it is about time we should be tapping into the benefits of breastmilk for all and taking away the taboo of using it to manufacture diary products.

“If cows’ milk has been used for centuries, but was originally intended for baby calves, then it is about time we harnessed the benefits of human breastmilk? We have significant empirical medical evidence to support our claims about the nutritional benefits. Even premature babies have breast milk donated every year as it is known to have wide ranging benefits.”

He added that breastmilk products contain less fat than the cow’s milk or other milk substitutes and has other benefits, such as hair and skin health.

It is true to say that it will take a long time to be fully open to such a prospect, ye market watchers are convinced human breastmilk will hit the supermarket shelves in a matter of years and that it will be as commonplace as Super milk or Brennan’s Bread.

The thinking is once it is brought into the mainstream, not only as a milk product but also, if it is used in the development of a wide range of dairy products, such as ice cream, butter, cheese and yoghurt and even mayonnaise.

According to the Federal Association of Takeaways some leading Irish high street names are now seriously looking at putting it on their menu.

One household name ran their products by a focus group in The Lough Rea Hotel and Spa on Saturday last to test the public’s reaction.

After some initial scepticism the  feedback was positive as the group, of mainly men as it happens, were won over by the obvious health benefits a source at the meeting said.

The source said the take away chain, who are determined to keep the launch under wraps for now, are trying to expand their range with Brexit looming.

‘It seemed a fantastic opportunity to market these new products and add them to the new range of products in their range,” he revealed.

They plan to initially launch a new vanilla flavoured breastmilk ice cream in time for the summer.

The company insider said “We have as yet to develop other flavours, but the vanilla range seemed the most popular in the focus groups and in our market research.”

They have also developed a cheddar cheese and soft frozen yoghurt, both products set to complement the existing menu. “Our chicken breast wraps are extremely popular, and we are launching a chicken and breastmilk-cheese wrap today,” the insider explained.

”It has proved extremely popular here today with the punters who left no samples at all!”

What do you think to breastmilk products?

Would you make the change from cows’ milk, goats or stick to soya?

Fionnaigh O'Connor
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