Hotel Worker Awarded €15,000 After Pregnancy Described As Problem

Hotel Worker Awarded €15,000 After Boss Said Her Pregnancy Was A Problem

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A hotel worker has been awarded €15,000 after her hotel boss described her pregnancy as ‘a problem’.

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) found she had been discriminated by her employers at a well known hotel which was not named.

The worker said she had been working in the hotel’s café when she fell pregnant.

She described how she had initially worked on the tills, making coffees, serving food and taking orders in the hotel café.

The Irish Times reports how in June 2016, she told her boss that she was pregnant and was subsequently told by the same overseer that the operations manager wished to discuss the “problem” with her.

The worker said she was very upset at her pregnancy being described as a “problem”.

But she was also upset after she became pregnant she was moved to working in the wedding venue where she was expected to carry out more taxing duties.

At one stage she hurt herself while working at the wedding venue and subsequently went to hospital.

She was then suspended by her employer.

The WRC  found the woman had “experienced discrimination across a number of her conditions of employment”, and there was “no doubt that such discrimination would not have occurred had her employer not been made aware of her pregnancy”.