IThought The Banning Of 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Was A Joke

I Thought The Ban On ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Was A Joke

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Baby It's Cold Outside

So Christmas songs are back on the radio. All except one. Apparently ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is now deemed inappropriate. It’s been around side the 50s and is a classic. I actually thought it was a joke when I first heard a lot of radio stations had banned it, apparently in the age of the #MeToo campaign it has no place on radio anymore.

Am I missing something or is that song quite innocent compared to most modern day pop/rap songs that still get played around the clock?

Also it might just be me, but I interpret the song quite differently to what it’s made out to be.

To me it sounds like she had a lovely evening and would love to stay but is worried how everyone else will view her if she does. It is all about what her parents/sister/neighbours will think, which to me really highlights first of all the time the song was written in and what was deemed acceptable for a woman to do back then and also a problem that still exists today.

Women tend to still have to deal with a lot more judgement be it for the cloth they wear or personal choices they make. So in my view the song is actually highlighting this.

Also if you want to open a can of worms by banning one song which one will be next? Maybe Fairytale of New York for glorifying and glamorising a dysfunctional and seemingly a bit violent relationship or maybe Santa Baby since it really paints women as gold-diggers that put on the sexy voice and expect to get whatever they want?

If you want to find fault and read something into a song you can pretty much do that with any song!

Marah Weissbrich
Marah Weissbrich
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