I Was Sacked And Homeless At Five Months Pregnant

I Was Sacked And Left Homeless While Five Months Pregnant

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April 18, 2019
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Not to long after meeting my partner I fell pregnant which was fast but we were happy, I had just started a new job and my own small apartment, he was looking for work, I told my new job and they were cool, but it didn’t last long.

They began sending me to different places to work which required a lot of travel, still I was only one sale from target (to get permanent contract).

The day of my assessment came and everyone kept saying it’s OK your contract will be renewed.

The boss came in and took me aside and said: “Sorry you’re finished today right now pack your stuff and you can go home.”

At this point I was five months pregnant.

The guy who was working with me that day was in shock as he walked me to the door and hugged me saying it’d be OK.

All day my phone hopped with staff ringing to see was I OK, I wasn’t, I was so stressed out, that night I didn’t sleep I had no savings and my partner still hadn’t found work.

The rent was due and I hadn’t enough, I explained to my landlord he was like OK and let me off with half till I sorted rent allowance.

The following week he arrived with a new lease and upped the rent by €250.

He wouldn’t sign rent allowance forms unless he could up the rent, we waited ages for the allowance all the time not being able to pay rent.

Bills were mounting to the point where one week all I ate was boiled rice.

Finally our rent allowance came, I paid every penny to the landlord as it was back dated.

He took it and gave me one months notice to leave.

I was in shock as at this point as I was 8 months pregnant.

We decided to move in with my mother to save up, (our relationship wasn’t great she tried to get me to have an abortion and all).

Three days after we went to stay with her I went into labour.

When we arrived home she was behaving a bit weird, she kept saying not to let my partner near the baby.

Then on the fifth night she went mental and threw us out on the street at one in the morning.

We walked the streets in pyjamas with a newborn baby in the buggy.

We found a cheap hotel but the next morning I had appointment with the public health nurse.

She was in shock when I told her what had happened with my mother but she said she sensed an atmosphere in the house when she had visited and she knew my mother was manic depressive.

She advised us to go to a homeless shelter.

Then my phone began hopping. It was the hospital saying my mother rang them telling them I’d kidnapped my child and I was on drugs, (I don’t even smoke).

My public health nurse had to defend us for weeks.

We did manage to get a homeless hotel where we were left for 16 months.

It was really tough -my partner became depressed, I struggled to live in hotel with baby and no facilities.

Things were so hard there was little joy, it was the worst time of my life when it should have been the best.

Finally we were offered a place we took it straight away.

At long last we had a home, my mother has never seen us since that fateful night and never will.

We are happy now, my partner still struggles with depression but it’s a lot better, our daughter is beautiful and healthy and we have a roof over our heads.