I'd Never Vote For Him But Peter Casey Has a Point

I’d Never Vote For Him But Peter Casey Has A Point

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October 18, 2018
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October 19, 2018
Peter Casey

I’d never vote for him and most of what he says sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person but Peter Casey has a good point about the situation in Tipperary.

€1.7 million has been spent on six houses and now there are families who had been in a temporary halting site for 50 years are refusing to move in unless they get two stables and some extra land EACH! 

There are 10,000 people homeless, approximately 2,000 of those are children  and we are allowing six families to dictate the terms on which they will accept a FREE house.  Am I on my own to think that this is ridiculous? 

I have no problem with any vulnerable person getting help from the government and I wish they would give more to the people having to stay at hostels and hotels especially when there are children involved but when I hear of people refusing houses because the home isn’t in the post code they want it really grinds my gears.   It’s a roof over your head, and a free one at that- be happy and grateful that you are one of the lucky ones.   

It’s the sense of entitlement and sheer brass neck that astounds me. We have a very different type of homelessness in our country now compared to ten years ago.  Now we have people who work full-time who still can’t afford rent, these people are the ones that should be made more of a priority.  Not people who contribute zero to society and never have, people who make a career out of Social Welfare.  

And I’m not talking about the Travelling Community, I’m talking about ALL people who bleed the system dry and give nothing back. Men and women who never paid a cent in tax and have claimed the dole since the day they turned 18. 

Foreign Nationals who see Ireland as an easy touch and know they won’t have to lift a finger to get what they need. There are plenty of foreign nationals who have arrived here and integrated themselves as much as possible and contributed like the rest of us, there are refugees in Direct Provision who live for the day they can do the same.  But there are individuals, some born here and some new arrivals, who have no intention of ever paying their own way.  And these are often the people who end up better off then the more deserving ones.  

The welfare system is there for the vulnerable of society, people who have fallen on hard times, single parents struggling to provide, people temporarily out of work.  It is not an endless pot of money, and imagine how much better we could help those in need if the system wasn’t overrun with chancers. 

I expect the PC Brigade to go ape at my opinion piece, so have at it, but I suspect a lot will agree with me, even if they only admit to that in the privacy of their own home. 

Dee Rea
Dee Rea
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