Daughter Wracked Up €2,000 Bill On Mother's iTunes Account

Daughter Wracked Up €2,000 Bill On Mother’s iTunes Account

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You know when you absentmindedly give your child the password to your iTunes account but a nagging voice in the back of your head says you shouldn’t have done it?

Well this is exactly why you should listen to that voice and never ever hand out your password.

Australian mum Liz was left counting the cost after she let her daughter loose on her account.

Her little princess unwittingly wracked up a $3,300 bill or €2,000

Liz told Australian site Mamamia her daughter was purchasing ‘gems’ for her app.

She explained: ‘We had given her the iTunes password and come the end of January, the end of school holidays, we get the American Express bill.

‘And my husband finds a $3300-odd iTunes bill charged.’

‘Basically, because she had the iTunes password, every time it asked her if she wanted to buy more gems, she’d just buy more gems.

‘She was racking up like $150 at a time. The transactions had been going on over the entire school holidays.’

At no point did iTunes let them know just how much was being spent.

Liz and her hubby had no choice but to pay the bill.