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I’ve A Baby To Get Into This Car, Dammit

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As most humans are aware, (non BMW drivers), evolution has been kind enough to provide us with mother and child parking spots.

But sadly these tend to exist only outside shopping centres or supermarkets which leads me to my ever-recurring scenario. I park up in the local car park with my 3 year old and my 10 month old. Full of energy and optimism, I unload. Baby first in her car seat which clicks lightly and neatly on to a buggy frame. Toddler second who is full of beans and excited to be helping mummy in town.

Off we go!

Two hours later, we return. Sweaty and slightly frayed, I head to the car to get the hell out of town and there it is.

My car, boxed in by bad parking and quite frankly, bad manners!

Deep breath. Click open the boot and throw the bags in. Then I steel myself for the Herculean task ahead. I always work off of the premise ‘deal with the mobile one first’, so I hoist my tired, sticky, squirming toddler and throw her through the 2 inch gap in the door to hopefully land somewhere in the vicinity of her car seat. Then I move to the baby, lifting her ridiculously heavy car seat, I manoeuvre her through a baby dodgems ride of doors, wing mirrors and seat belts to settle with a final thud on to the isofix base.

Tired and filthy from rubbing off peoples cars, I drive home yet again designing my range of passenger window stickers — “please leave space for small people!”. Just damn do it!!

I would like to add that no small people were harmed during this process….