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Kids Say The Meanest Shit

The (Not-So) Introverted Mother
March 12, 2018
Who Is In Charge? Me Or The Toddler?
March 13, 2018

‘Mummy. You’re nobody’s hero.’

My little girl’s words hit like a punch to the gut. She is sitting comfortably contorted on a chair, as children do, looking out the window at our cat. I am hanging out the washing, the last job of the day after dressing her, feeding her, tidying up after her, bringing her various offerings throughout the day, playing with her, talking her down off several meltdown ledges, running her to and from her various activities, bloody loving her!!!!

‘Well, love.’ I said, as I desperately scramble to remember something totally awesome that I’ve done, ‘you wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for me, so….ya know!’ This comment just rolls off her like water as she reaffirms what she’s said ‘No mum. You’re nobody’s hero.’

She doesn’t even make eye contact.

Outwardly, I continue to hang the washing with a stiff smile. Inwardly however, I’m screaming ‘And all I do for you, you little sugarpuff!’

I tell my friend about it the next day. After she’s stopped laughing hysterically, she reminds me of an incident when my girl was about 18 months old. I had gone in to lift her after a nap one day. When she saw me coming she said ‘Disappointed’. She could barely bloody walk but she had already perfected the art of the burn!

Kid’s say the meanest shit!

In the couple of years my girl has been learning to talk, I’ve been getting my Masters in ‘letting it go’ with a night class diploma in ‘how to grow your own emotional armour’.

You will never find a more plain talking soul than a child.

They will call it, warts and all, which can be a really great thing – we all need a bit of honesty now and again! But other times we just have to suffer the mouth farts of their caustic opinions. And at times like that, this parenting malarkey can feel like a bit of a thankless job!

Oh God. I’ve just remembered the day I went to visit my mother in the hospital after she had given birth to my sister. I sat on the end of the bed, looked at her belly and said loudly ‘have you had her yet??’. How she didn’t swipe for me I’ll never know! Perhaps the fact she’d just gone through God knows how many hours of labour and was too bloody exhausted…

Excuse me. I need to ring my mother and apologise. Again!