Here's 8 Things I Have Learned About Living A Healthier Life

Here’s 8 Things I Have Learned About Living A Healthier Life

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Food For Thought – Dubliner Lighter Lifestyle Event

The health and fitness media event I attended on Feb 27th last focused on the three musketeers of health – nutrition, mindfulness and body.  The event was all about the concept of wanting to live your best life and that all of these areas of health make a difference, that one of them alone will not suffice.

Our health is a medley of all of the above.

It began with a workout and yoga session by Billy O’Regan, followed by talks from nutritionist Dr. Marianne Walsh and trained mindfulness facilitator Alison Canavan.   Finally, we were treated to a lovely light lunch – of a healthy noodle, vegetables and cheese dish followed by low fat ice cream – hosted by Dubliner cheese who are owned by the Carberry Company based in West Cork.

It was more of a food for thought event and I left with lots of wonderful advice to consider in those three areas of health.  The event had so many strands that tied in with each other; I thought it was a good idea to review it in terms of the lessons I have learned that I would like to share with you!

  1. It is a good idea to tailor dietary advice to who you are, your lifestyle and stage of life. I learned that a matchbox size of protein is probably good for an adult trying to lose weight for example but that at times we need more, depending on our age and how much exercise we do.
  2. Happiness in everything is about the choices we make. We can go down the road of blaming external things.  For us parents it can be busyness, work, not getting help and so on, whereas if we think in terms of choices – in food, exercise and wellbeing, it makes us feel we have more control.
  3. Emotions are just energy in motion and we should have self-compassion for what comes up. Sometimes emotions just want to be seen and expressed, but they are fleeting and can pass.  I loved this idea.  It is no harm to have a bad day or feel angry upset, whatever, but sometimes these emotions do not need to be addressed, just released.
  4. One thing Alison said that really stuck with me – that she once read that Oprah Winfrey said that in all her years interviewing – from celebrities to Hollywood stars to criminals – that one constant question each of them asked when the camera lights went down was ‘Was that ok?’. It made me realise we are all vulnerable and that you might think other people have it sorted but they really don’t.
  5. The technique of ‘stop – catch – change ‘ – a great little technique say if your alarms goes off in the morning or if you feel a negative emotional bubbling – stop it, catch it and change. I thought this was excellent for everything! Sometimes we can overthink things instead of moving on to something else.
  6. We should try to be paying attention to the present moment – the definition of mindfulness – and a willingness to be with what is. This is easier said than done but how many of us practice is?
  7. Mindfulness apps were discussed as a great technique as we increasingly spend time on our phone.
  8. Nutrition for us is part of self-care. Often times, we concentrate on our children being well fed with nutritious food and have a pizza when they go to bed! Yet it is important to remember you are a person too.   We can never hear this message enough.

Fionnaigh O'Connor
Fionnaigh O'Connor
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