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Living With…Co-Sleeping

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We didn’t intend to do it

It somehow just happened. Our children have taken over our bed!!

In fact my husband got kicked out for two years. He’s just recently been let back in.

We start off with three of us. My two-year-old still sleeps in the bed with us. But most nights we end up squashed, even in our super king bed, with five of us.

My husband thought I was absolutely crazy to be buying this bed pre-kids. But now he understands!! But it’s still not big enough!!

So back to the start. We said our bed was just for us. No kids allowed.

And then I got pregnant again when my eldest was less than five months old.

I had to go back to work after maternity leave already pregnant with a baby that didn’t like sleeping very much.

I was commuting to work so getting up at a crazy hour in the morning 6am. This was after getting up in the middle of the night.

When she woke during the night it just became easier to bring her into the bed with us.

These babies are cleverer than we give them credit for. All too soon she knew she would get to sleep with us if she cried enough.

Her baby brother came along. He would happily sleep in his cot in our room all night. Well apart from the middle of the night feeds.

We pretty much gave up on putting my eldest in her cot.

Then as my son became more aware, he realised that she was let in the bed. So he cried to come in too.

Like I said these babies are cleverer than we think.

So then there were four in the bed.

This continued until we decided to have another baby.

No one would get any sleep at all when a new-born was added into the mix.

So it was decided that my husband would go to another room with the two eldest leaving me to look after the baby. We had a double bed in it that they shared.

I decided that it was pointless to even put the new baby in the cot. It was inevitable that she’d end up in the bed.

As I was breastfeeding for the first time it also made it easier that she was in the bed. It brought out the lazy mammy in me! All I had to do to feed her was roll over! And I even dosed off a lot while feeding.

I would wake up in the middle of the night with her feeding not knowing if it was the same feed or a new one!

After a while my son missed his Mammy so he ended up in the bed with us.

Then my husband had to spend a lot of time in the hospital while his father was dying. I couldn’t be in two rooms at once. I moved into the double bed my husband had been sleeping in with my youngest.

The other two actually slept in their own beds in the same room. Well for most of the night anyway.

When Daddy came home, I moved back into our bed leaving him with the other two. They’d start the night in their bed and would usually end up in with him.

Then after a while Daddy put his foot down and said he was moving back in with me.

Now we could have anywhere from three to five in the bed. It can be a bit of a squash.

But they’re only young once. They won’t always want to come into us.

So I’ll cherish every night while it lasts.

Eimear Lawler
Eimear Lawler
I’m a mammy to three children aged five and under. Life’s a little crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I work part time as an accountant and I stay at home the rest of the time with my children. Getting back into my hobbies of reading and writing and loving it.