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Living With… Kids’ Constant Questions

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When little ones arrive at the ripe old age of three or even four, they reach a whole new milestone.  They reach ‘The Age of Why?’

Everything is questioned, everything demands an explanation and no question is ever the last one.  You can be the most highly trained person on planet earth, the most accomplished, experienced and worldly wise individual ever, but it’s at this time that you realise that you are not qualified to answer life’s toughest questions at all.  You are not qualified to be a parent.  Hey, you are barely qualified to even be a human.

The questions just keep on coming.  ‘Why is the sky blue?   Why is there a sky?  Why is there a night?  What is rain?  Why is there grass?  Why do we eat?  What makes night? Why do we sleep?  Why do we have toes?  Do crabs have eyebrows?  Why is the moon called the moon?’ And other such gems.  There is no end and no answer will ever be enough. Questions.  All day long. Endless. Persistent. Relentless.

But the more complicated they get and the more detailed the questions, then the more thought you have to put into the answers.  Or do you actually?  So there you are detailing why the grass is actually green describing chlorophyll and photosynthesis and other scientific wonders, when out of the blue the child in question will come up with their own hypotheses and theories.

They will scratch their little heads and wonder aloud whether Holy God has loads and loads of green crayons and the grass goes brown when he runs out of them.  All you can do is nod and agree.

When they are asking all these questions I honestly don’t think they are looking for answers.  Not real explanations anyway.  They have no filter and are just verbalising their thoughts.  Their brains are so active, so energetic and are constantly processing new information and new ideas.

They say it as they see it and this leads to a shocking amount of information to be discovered and mused about out loud.

That’s the time we have to develop a filter of our own purely for sanity reasons.  I mean let’s face it; do we have any idea whether crabs do have any eyebrows?  And is that information that we really need to possess?  Plus will the little ones ever know if we tell them a few porky pies for the sake of peace?  Unlikely.

The amount of questions they ask and the topics they cover are highly amusing at the best of times.  They make us look at the world in a totally different way, make us examine the mundane in an upside down manner and they get us to laugh at ourselves.  There is no point over-thinking things and desperately trying to keep up with the endless questions because as I say once they receive some sort of answer they seem happy enough.

Plus, your head will explode, and that will just be unpleasant.

Some of the things they ask are intelligent and scarily deep but some are just downright hilarious.  For example my niece wanted to know if she would see things differently from me because she has blue eyes and mine are green.  I sincerely hope this isn’t the case.  I was under the illusion I was seeing everything in technicolor, but perhaps I’ve been mistaken all this time?

And one of mine made my head spin when he asked me where do thoughts come from?  At that particular moment in time I hadn’t any.  Not one.

Aideen Glynn
Aideen Glynn
I am the proud mother of 3 tall teenagers - 17 year old boy and girl twins and a 13 year old boy - and the wife of a very patient husband. Working full time, I also write a column in a local newspaper and spend a considerable amount of time creating hours where there are none, talking to myself and driving children around the countryside. Catch up with me at Hearsay By Aideen