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Gardaí Issue Warning Over Self-Harm ‘Game’ Momo

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February 26, 2019
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Gardaí the PSNI have both issued warnings to parents over the so-called ‘momo challenge game’ which has been popping up on social media platforms, such as YouTube.

The sick cyber-bullying game allegedly encourages users to engage in increasingly dangerous self-harm tasks via a disturbing image of a character called ‘momo’ which encourages users to communicates with it via WhatsApp messages.

The ‘game’ appears to target young children and vulnerable teenagers in particular and according to reports has been linked to a number of deaths in other countries.

The statement on the Gardaí Laois and Offaly Facebook read;

‘There is a “game” doing the rounds on social media platforms at the minute called “momo” which appears to target children or vulnerable people.

The momo challenge is a form of cyberbullying where momo asks to be contacted through a social media site and then asks the person to perform a series of dangerous tasks including self-harm.

There is a disturbing image of momo online that parents should make themselves familiar with.

Please please please always supervise your children or those that are vulnerable while online. As parents, its all too easy sometimes to hand over a device to a child for that few minutes peace but there can be devastating consequences if they are left un-supervised.’

The PSNI have also issued a similar warning to parents on their official Facebook page

Niamh O'Reilly
Niamh O'Reilly
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