My Car Is Officially A Skip On Wheels But I'm Ok With It

My Car Is Officially A Skip On Wheels But I’m Ok With It

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So my car is officially a skip on wheels

So my car is officially a skip on wheels and I am ok with that! I have three kids. I run a busy Doula Agency, while also fulfilling the role of full time Mum. I have a lot going on and to be frank my car is the least of my worries. Until that is, I have to offer another adult a lift somewhere (cringe)

My husband operates a strict ‘no eating in the car’ policy with the kids. He also ensures if the kids bring something on a trip, it is removed when they leave. This ensures his car remains pristine. I am still unsure how he actually manages to go anywhere without the kids killing each other or moaning about being thirsty or hungry.

A huge element is that I do 90% of the ‘jobs’. I ferry the kids to and from parties, play dates and so on. I do the food shop. I go to buy the presents for birthdays, Christmas and normally have at least two of the three kids with me. All this car time requires snacks! I am just as bad as the kids. I eat toast and have a travel mug of tea on the morning school run. I pass the kids fruit in the hope they will eat it out of boredom during the time stuck in the car. When exciting the car I normally have more than I left with. So with the baby in one arm I grab what I can and the kids help to bring in shopping and so on. This means each trip leaves items of lower priority abandoned in the car.

Toys, extra clothes, jackets, crisps packets and so so much more cover the floor of my car. The front has empty bottles, a travel mug or two with old tea from a week ago and lot of other gross delights.

So during my 5 minute panic clear out before collecting the above mentioned adult who needs a lift, I can find anything really. I often discover a whole new ecosystem. A random item that looks like a fossilised banana. Socks (must be from that trip to jump zone) Stale chips and happy meal boxes. Ah my tweezers! I have been looking for that! A mushed digestive biscuit into the carpet (lets just place the mat over that one) The boot has my doula bag, along with blankets in case I have to grab a nap in the car while attending a long birth. It has footballs, scooters, coats, hats, the buggy and a mountain of items undetectable under the the top layer of ‘essentials’.

I am always horrified when I emerge from one of these clear outs. How does it get so gross? My husband insists I need to be stricter with the kids and ‘look after the car’. While he is right. My priorities are different. I would rather ensure we have all eaten, even if that means en route to our destination. I am willing to give the kids almost anything during car journeys to avoid wingeing, fighting, hitting and over all head wrecking. If I hear ‘he is looking out of my window’ one more time I my end up being institutionalised.

So I have come around the the fact my life is mental busy. My car is way down the list of priorities. I enjoy my cup of hot tea in the car and some moments of silence while the kids have a snack and maybe play on my phone. If that means I drive a skip on wheels, I am ok with that. So be it. Sorry if you ever need to come in my car – just make sure you have an up to date tetanus shot!

Jen Crawford
Jen Crawford
Jen is Co-Owner of a national Doula agency, DoulaCare Ireland ( She is a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Antenatal Educator, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Mindfulness in Pregnancy Instructor. Jen is Mam to Seth, Leon and Kayla, wife to Paul and lives in North Dublin with her family.